Let the Liberal Consensus speak!

Let the Liberal Consensus Speak  

With the upcoming Presidential election in 2024, we have the opportunity to bolster social policies and free market activities if we open our ears to the voice of The Liberal Consensus.   

The Liberal Consensus 

The Liberal Consensus refers to a period in United States history, approximately from post World War II in 1945 to the late 1960s or early 1970s, characterized by a broad agreement on several key political and economic principles. These principles included a belief in the efficacy of government intervention in the economy to promote stability and growth, the expansion of welfare state policies to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable in society, support for civil rights and efforts to dismantle segregation and racial discrimination, and a commitment to anti-communism during the Cold War era. 

The Liberal Consensus did not go away; yet it was drowned out by The Radical Right that became very loud as factors, including the Vietnam War, economic challenges such as inflation and unemployment, and social movements that challenged the status quo on race, gender, and the environment dominated the 1960s and 70s.  This contributed to the rise of The Conservative Manifesto (which was originally written in 1937.  We dismissed it to fight against fascism in World War II.) and sparked greater political polarization and the rise of conservative ideologies that questioned the efficacy and morality of large government programs and interventions.

The Conservative Manifesto 

The Conservative Manifesto is far from conservative.  It is a group of far right radicals and extremists who are trying to take over the country and are trying to rewrite history.  We need to stop them.  The Supreme Court is not doing a very good job of working for the people right now. It does not really have a very good track record of working for the people, starting with 2000 when the Supreme Court decided to stop counting votes and give the President job to George W. Bush instead of Al Gore. 

Some White Christian males believe they are better than others and because of this belief, they feel they have the right and the duty to be the leaders.  They want to be in charge of the government and tell you what to do in all parts of your life.  

Governing toward the center

Support and acceptance of the New Deal programs and goals that created a centrist political culture…rational, technocratic and complacent.  We governed toward the center, and we compromised to get the best from the majority.  We have been complacent enough to let the radical voices emerge and dominate.  They became louder and louder, especially after 1987 when President Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine from the FCC.  

The Conservative Manifesto is rearing its ugly head again after chipping away at The LIberal Consensus. Today, the current Congress is not doing their job.  They are listening to a select few on the radical right rather than tuning into the majority.  We have Minority rule, and it is time to get back to the Liberal Consensus. 

How can we do that?

  1. Voting for people who will actually represent all of the people of the United States. 
  2. We have to make sure we enforce consequences for people who are trying to promote the run of man versus the rule of law.   
  3. We have to fight for equal opportunity for all.  We have to defend a good educational system, and other social safety nets that we keep and improve so everyone has the opportunity our country promises.  We won’t have that under an authoritarian government.  

AllAll of the good things that are going on in our country under Joe Biden’s Presidency cannot be ignored.  We need the voice of the Liberal Consensus to re-emerge because I believe it is the voice of the Majority.