Our Services


Our financial firm’s job is to analyze clients’ individual situations, so we can provide sound financial advice that helps you make some of the most important, informed decisions of your life. We are a comprehensive financial and insurance firm, including advisory services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network.® We offer services in all aspects of financial planning and investments, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Investment advice, allocation, and ongoing management for accounts of $1,000,000 and up
  • Personalized financial plans
  • Retirement and insurance planning
  • Educational funding
  • Employee and executive plans
  • Tax planning strategies

Tax services and referrals coordinated with other trusted advisors. Commonwealth Financial Network does not provide tax or legal advice.

Financial Planning

Have you ever used an old map and gotten lost because the roads have changed? Would you ever think of driving to an unknown destination without directions or a good map? Not planning for your financial future is like taking a cross-country road trip without directions. You may eventually arrive at your destination, but it's likely to take longer and result in costly detours along the way.

A financial plan is the road map we use to invest your money wisely. Without a plan, we can point you in the general direction of your goals, but we cannot give you specific guidance. A financial plan developed with Bonebrake Financial Planning & Wealth Management is a detailed and personalized map, providing you with a prudent and thoughtful process to help you pursue desired financial outcomes.

Working through the financial planning process will illuminate your budget, financial objectives, efficiencies, and inefficiencies. This process strives to enable you to see ways to make your dreams come true. In addition, when couples and families define and work through possible points of disagreement, we can help everyone involved discover and create their common goals—along with the ways and means to pursue them.

Financial plans $2,500 and up, depending on your case’s complexity, your income level, and your overall assets. For more information about financial plans or to schedule an appointment, please call our office in Eugene at 541-868-3800 or toll-free at 888-590-1824.

Financial consultant reviews investments with a couple