Let the Liberal Consensus speak!

In the midst of the upcoming 2024 Presidential election, there lies a critical opportunity to reawaken the principles of The Liberal Consensus, a period in U.S. history marked by a broad agreement on key political and economic values. As we confront challenges of polarization and the resurgence of far-right ideologies, it's imperative to understand and embrace the tenets of this consensus, which championed government intervention for societal welfare, civil rights, and anti-discrimination efforts. By recommitting to governing toward the center and rejecting the influences of radical extremism, we can reclaim a path that prioritizes the collective well-being and progress of all citizens, safeguarding the promises of equal opportunity and social justice.

Steering America Back to Majority Rule in the Election Year Ahead

With a Presidential Election year coming into view, America’s democracy is in jeopardy as we continue to allow The Minority to rule.  To put The Majority back in power and protect democracy we need to listen to voices like Heather Cox Ricahrdson who encourage us to wake up to democracy. I believe we need to eliminate the Electoral College and gerrymandering, defend the liberal consensus, stop doomsday media and remain a pluralistic secular nation.  

Devotion to Discovery

When you learn more, you can change your mind and go a different direction, evolving your perspective.

Upward and Onward

By adding healthcare, education and preparation for our children, reinstating union jobs, and using our tax system to direct investment to a more equitable system for the majority, we can go upward and onward.  




The New Normal

The new normal is not just about working.  You’re not just a cog in the wheel.  You get to earn your money, but you also have the opportunity to use your creative self.  We need to ensure that we protect democracy so that we all have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, whatever that means to you.

The path to a better U.S. Government for all

Democracy is far more fragile than I thought it was when I was growing up. We’ve seen it tested in 2016, but clearly the American people voted in 2020 for an administration that believes in upholding the values of democracy. It was reaffirmed in 2022 at the midterms across the country when many election deniers failed to gain office.  I am a rational optimist. We cannot rest on our laurels.  Democracy needs us to be active in living up to the promise of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for every individual. We do have to fight for democracy; if not daily, then in every election cycle, from the local school board to the Federal offices all the way up to the President of these United States of America.

Voting for freedom, democracy and a better future

Freedom is not free. We have to keep fighting for freedom and democracy. Voices have to speak up.  I want to win this at the ballot box. Let’s keep democracy! Let’s fight for a better future. Get out and vote.

Losing my religion

All of us are born without hate or gile; yet, religion is trying to teach us that we are not enough and that we do not have purity without their brand of religion. Being a good person has nothing to do with organized religion or even faith. This is why I am an atheist.

Science vs. religion

Can we continue to be the leaders in science, technology and discovery while religion infuses our government and society?

I think we can! We need to move forward to what our Constitution and its amendments promise everyone.  We need to stop following religious zealots and look to science.  When we act together, leading from science, from our brilliance as a beautiful melting pot, we do very well.  There is nothing we cannot accomplish.  



I recently read the book Net Positive by Paul Polman and Andrew Winston which started me thinking about how and where I can make a net positive impact on the world.  If you are not familiar, net positive is “a philosophy that is based on trying to maintain a positive balance in your life by doing more good than harm and contributing more than you take.” (Source: Effectiviology.)  While it can be hard to be positive, it is worthwhile.  Here are some areas where we can be net positive: