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What if you could spend less time focused on making and spending money and more time being your creative self?

Right now, you may feel like …

  • Your financial life is not in order

  • You don’t have (enough) money, and

  • You never have enough time to do what you truly want to do!

And, while you’re an intelligent, high achiever, you may feel less knowledgeable—or even ignorant—when it comes to your money.  There’s no shame in that.  It is quite common, especially among people like you who are busy trying to make a good living to be self-sufficient and ultimately financially independent. 

What if you felt comfortable enough to set your creativity free?

With your financial life in order, you gain a permission slip to pursue your own version of creativity, without the guilt and the what-ifs.  

How do you find that confidence and security in your finances? 

That’s where we can help.

Through our financial planning process, we address your financial questions so you can go forward with what’s truly important to you.  From establishing cash reserves to building retirement savings—and everything in between—we help you prioritize your needs, wants, and wishes and direct your investment portfolio to help you achieve your goals.  

We believe everyone has creativity to share with the world. 

What’s within you?  Bring it forth!

Take the first step.

The best place to start is with a conversation.  Simply call us at (541) 868-3800 to set up an initial complimentary consultation.


You do not need to prepare anything in advance, but if you want to, download and fill in the documents below:

Initial Meeting Document List

Data Organizer

Cash Flow-Income Expense Worksheet


If you have questions as you fill out any of these forms, please call or e-mail our office.