Wealth Management


COVID-19 and its fallout is not the first disaster that we’ve faced, and it won’t be the last.  I take the wisdom from Warren Buffet to “be greedy when others are fearful.” My work is inspired by my farming ancestors:  Just do the work. Do the right thing. And, that’s my philosophy. 


I am an anomaly in the advisory business. Most advisors are just buying mutual funds so they manage the managers. This is not doing the work. My investment process is labor intensive relative to other advisor’s efforts. For over 20 years, I have always searched for the best way to build portfolios and do the right thing for my clients.  

I am passionate about helping my clients and passionate about investing to achieve their goals.  I start with financial planning (not just about managing money). Once I know my clients’ goals, I have a methodology I follow to help delivering value to my clients.    


Over the years I have developed my expertise and found tools from conservative to aggressive that help me take the information from your plan and build a portfolio designed to help you reach your goals.  

Created my methodology that considers a number of factors including:  

-Securities traded in the United States; it follows our laws

-Buying stocks at a discount (use ‘price to fair value’ by Morningstar analysts’ evaluations)

-A bias toward dividend-paying stocks (without ignoring growth stocks entirely) 

-Companies with a competitive moat (e.g. Drug company pipelines)   

-Finding stable value for many of the portfolios:  Use non-traded REITs and private placements for qualified investors, and cash 


Outside of the portfolio, I recommend that my clients keep 3-9 months of committed expenses in cash in the bank, not invested.


Partner with an expert
No matter what your level of wealth, working with your financial professional can help you pursue your goals. Together, we'll go through a comprehensive process for managing your financial life and creating a long-term plan customized to your needs. The process starts by examining the wealth strategies universe and its modules:

  • Accumulation: how to target asset growth
  • Retirement planning: how to target distribution of your assets in a tax-advantaged way
  • Estate planning: how to preserve your assets
  • Risk management: how to protect your assets
  • Business planning: how to grow and manage your business
  • Taxation: how to minimize your tax burden

Create a comprehensive plan
By exploring each module in detail, we’ll determine which ones require our immediate attention and which ones are more long-term in nature. From our findings, we’ll assemble an implementation plan for your financial future.

Support your financial goals
Working together with your financial professional helps simplify the complexities of your financial life by focusing on managing your wealth in a systematic way for the long term.